The days of a stay at home mom

Since asked often what I do all day, I am creating this blog. Lately I have been assigning myself 20 tasks to be completed each day. It keeps me organized and lets the world in to see what the stay at home mom of school aged kids actually does.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Been too busy to even blog twenty

Seriously. I am on fire! I have been cooking better meals. I actually cook breakfast now and make the husband's lunch. I am a regular suzy homemaker ;)

1/20 Make breakfast - done
2/20 Pack husband's lunch - done
3/20 Clean up kitchen - done
4/20 Clean LR/DR - done
5/20 Take kid two to her Dr. appt. - done
6/20 Clean bathroom
7/20 Work on population assignment
8/20 Edit resume - again
9/20 Turn in PCE application - again
10/20 Marinate meat for dinner - done
11/20 Get mail - done
12/20 Laundry - done
13/20 Take kid one to orthodontist appt. - done
14/20 Take kid two to swim - cancelled for snow
15/20 Clean bedroom
16/20 Make dinner - done
17/20 After dinner cleanup - done
18/20 Finish population assignment
19/20 Study for Natural Science exam - done
20/20 Study for Bio exam

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